We believe every investor deserves to ride the Crypto Asset revolution.

Over the past six years, we have developed relationships with most trusted innovators in blockchain infrastructure and rewards. We have tracked the pioneers that have revolutionized the crypto mining experience to fully building through software and BIG Data validation via Nodes and Licensing from key ecosystems. In particular  by building the next generation of technology along with our partners, we venture on the underlining operational utility based projects in the following arenas: Health, Energy, Plants and Mining Systems.

VCC members benefit from our rigorous technology-driven, experience-led investment selection process and network.

VCC Fund helps investors achieve their diversification goals.

Becoming a VCC member gives you a team dedicated to your investment goals

Experienced Fiduciaries

Our investment committee rigorously discusses each investment—with an average of 25+ years of investing experience —combined with cutting-edge data scientists, and team developers, we have value second to none.

WEB Tech 3.0 Enthusiast

We are prepared for the future of augmentation and metaverse and everything in between. Our world is rapidly changing and understanding the latest technology will allow you to capitalize on the trends and educate yourself on the social quality impacts such as the emergence of NFTS & Dao(s) and creating quality communities with their own systems of functionality both in the real world and overlay of the digital on.
Its not coming, Its here!


VCC is a radical departure from the industry norm of opacity, due to the crypto blockchain ledger. We provide ongoing quarterly reporting on all of our assets.

About Us

We’ve built a strong track record of underwriting and operating performance.

Prior to entering the Fund space, our General Partners built up their personal wealth to exceed ten million dollars through early adoption of bitcoin, etherium and gamification tokens. Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve acquired purchased and sold 1000s of  cryptos, nodes and NFTs across multiple exchanges in the United States. The newest dynamic is understanding and investing into infrastructure and rewards, tokenization utilizing NFTs and software behind it all. In addition to strong overall operating performance, our fully realized investments have outperformed underwriting and our exit strategies.

$100mil AUM

Owned by Partners


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Crypto Assets are a critical part of sound
investment portfolio

  • Next waves of growth comes from years of success and failures of projects, government interpretations/ reactions and dedication of developers in projects’ utilities that revolutionize and array of markets. Blockchain assets and technology are being deploying in a big way:  Augmentation, NFTS and the metaverse are creating a predicable field of containment for our everyday life. This creative ever-expanding digital reality will massively change the way we interact with health care industry, Energy, Farming, Finance, Purchases, Marketing and Education Sectors. Between tokenization and these industries, we are talking 10trillion new trending markets.
  • Our investments are transparent as the blockchain itself and are vested to grow vertically while enhancing society’s various markets to be more effective and align with our ecosystems’ homeostasis, community and goal of being completely autonomous. Building a sound investment portfolio is being in the know.


Portfolio Diversification

Incredible Security

Settlement / DeFi tech

Outsized Returns

Inflation Hedge

Exponential Industry Growth

Private Transactions

Solid advisory board

24/7 Markets

Partners are vested


We embrace the technology to find the right investments and have matched them to our goals

At Cadre to Vertical Crypto Capital, we strive in investing into proprietary technology that provides a balance in the vertical market from blockchain infrastructure to the metaverse. Our on-boarding, monitoring/reporting and settlements permeates every aspect of the investment lifecycle with a single goal in mind: to better serve investors by seeking to achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns and provide a transparent, seamless process

Asset Management

Proprietary software provides real-time data and insights on asset performance

Vertical Crypto Capital

Our portfolio is slated for success.

Vertical Crypto Capital

Invest in VCC fund, a diversified portfolio of emerging technology and crypto assets

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We consistantly looking at trends in the market,however, our base investments stay within the confines of data in Health, Energy, Plants, Mining Systems, tokenization, commodities backing the digital assets, NFTS gamification and Metaverse.