Vertical Crypto Capital Access
Fund: intelligent diversification
into Blockchain infrastructure

Invest in blockchain infrastructure which yields rewards. Further strategic investing into blockchain technology, NFTS and the metaverse

across established sectors in our domestic and world economy are targets of consideration.

Vertical Crypto Capital Fund Direct Access Fund seeks to deliver Value Add returns with downside protection.

Our focus is on quality over quantity. We work with our experienced founders, partners and council of NERDS to carefully select each fund investment to add to a diverse mix of institutional-quality investments across risk and return profiles, asset classes, and markets. To build a balanced portfolio, we will pursue investments in the core plus, value add, and opportunistic strategies with a primary focus on Value Add returns for the fund.

Focus on Utility quality assets

VCC targets established blockchain infrastructure and utility based tech and function in range from 10M to 350M.

Establish upside

with projects that have value add to insure protection.To reduce risk, we look at blockchain assets and network that also have potential to advance in key limited NFT holdings and metaverse and gaming applications.

Enhance value

With active management, Utility software in blockchain space hold tremendous value and in some cases open to collaborative options to improve its ecosystem via our vertical integration and partners.

We have already secured several promising
assets and targets for VCC investors

Our team has been hard at work to execute our investment thesis and we have secured eight

targets to include in the Vertical Crypto Capital Fund.

Crypto Assets that contribute empowerment of ones own health, access to medical and record access

Ranging from medical to growing emergence of health and superfoods /medicines that disrupt the current resilient pharmaceutical and access paradigm to the farmlands and wild ecosystems that provide for all. BIG MONEY

Its your metaverse(S) with NFTs that can be leased for payment

NFTS are keys that are needed for folks to particpate. You hold the keys and you are paid. Gaming applications tied to crypto assets and other NFT applications. This isnt just fluke, funky, fungible artwork noone understands. Only through the faith of the council of NERDS will ye pass. Perhaps, this is what God spoke of when stating the meek will inherit the earth.

Mining and Rewards

we see and understand value of land trust,vaults that live earth intact and storage of vital resources within the water and earth (De)Mining and carbon credits

Payment Processing,Power

Tech,Tech,Tech...Exchange software allows cryptos to trade in and out for fiat currency. Collectively between big data and blockchain infrastructure, we invest into the future.

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